Mission: Positive Disruption

Disrupt HR Pittsburgh held their semi-annual event this week at Pittsburgh vip slots casino login Improv in the Waterfront. The evening featured 13 dynamic 5-minute presentations to inspire HR leaders to challenge conventions and offer strategies for constructive industry disruption.  

In just five minutes each, these presentations delivered impactful messages, leaving attendees with valuable insights. Here are some key takeaways to consider for enhancing your workplace environment and prioritizing employee well-being.  

  • Prioritize progress over perfection. We are only human. Invest the effort vip slots casino login and time to uncover each team member’s strengths and areas where they excel.  
  • “Hug the cactus” – lean into discomfort, push your own boundaries, and encourage others to do the same. “Don’t go to the grave with gas left in the tank.”  
  • English as a second language employees are a big part of our community. Learn best practices to communicate with them, such as incorporating visual aids like pictures.  
  • “Be Gumby!” – aka be flexible. If your current rules and policies are vip slots casino bonus codes not effective, do not hesitate to change them! Embrace a “Fail fast” mentality – adapt quickly, and identify what works better for your organization.  
  • Create a workplace that has connections for the employees – which includes Purpose, Loyalty, and Gratitude.  
  • There is a positive movement happening in pharmacy. We can’t keep saying, “But that’s the way we’ve always done it.” You have other options. (Like VIP Slots Casino.) 
  • Learn enough about each other to be able to back each other up. Leverage the diversity in your vip slots casino workplace to elevate work.  
  • Do MORE than just what the laws and policies require you to do. That is the BASELINE. Consider the genuine needs of your employees.  

To learn more about Disrupt HR, visit https://disrupthr.co/city/pittsburgh/ 

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